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*QUIRKY [kwur-kee]

We use the term QUIRKY to refer to a child who seems like a regular kid on the outside, but on the inside struggles with neurological, behavioral, or learning challenges. These are often invisible conditions such as Anxiety, Sensory Integration, Attention, and certain Spectrum disorders that can make simple things feel difficult.

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The Togetherhood Mission

Quirky. Different. Special. Quiet. Our kids, for all their differences and peculiarities, are unique. And rather than try to change them, we seek to understand them.

Let's do that together. Here, in a place that is safe from judgement, surrounded by the infinite support of others whose shoe bottoms are worn from the miles walked on this path. It may not feel like it now, but there are other people — many, many other people — who get you. And they want to help.

At Togetherhood, you will meet parents who have been there. Truly been there. And with their guidance, you will discover practitioners, information, support, and other resources to advocate for your child. And one day soon, we promise, you will be in a position to offer your own guidance, coming from the wisdom of a parent who is on the other side.

We honor the light in your children. We celebrate them with you. And we're here to help their beautiful, individual souls shine.

if the pegs don't fit the holes,

change the shape of the holes.

We're more alike than we are different.
Introducing ValueMatch

We call it ValueMatch, and the concept is simple.

When you join Togetherhood, we ask you a few quick but important questions. Then when you're looking to other parents for advice or recommendations, you'll see their ValueMatch score as a snapshot of how closely their values align with yours.

That's because when we share similar core values with someone else, we are more open to embracing their ideas.

ValueMatch is a path toward trust, so you can feel at ease with other parents in your network who are here to help you help your child.

Our Members

Having a kid that doesn’t fit the standard mold can often be a lonely and confusing place, but Togetherhood has created this amazing go-to resource that is full of community, knowledge and positivity in which we can all share in this crazy journey together and feel positive about the unique wonderful people we are raising.
J. Fisher, parent — Sydney, Australia
The best thing about Togetherhood are the real stories from other parents. It's comforting, inspiring and makes me realize I have more to celebrate than I sometimes realize. Each step, no matter how challenging, is one in the right direction.
Richel Newborg, parent — Fort Worth, TX, USA
There aren’t a lot of communities out there for fathers with kids on the spectrum. Moms of kids with autism just seem to find each other. And dads? We often do that guy thing that would rather find a solution in silence because of pride or whatever. Togetherhood changes all that. I’m so happy to have found a group of people so invested in helping each other. I’m open to all kinds of treatments, from traditional to nutritional to alternative and everything in between. And the parents and community at Togetherhood points me to all of them. Thank you!
Erik Proulx, parent — Austin, TX, USA