Togetherhood is a living, breathing, interacting village of parents, practitioners and educators.
Here, you can exchange stories, experiences and resources in a safe, respectful, and judgement-free environment. We don't have a secret handshake, but we insist on a few do's and don'ts.

Core Values and Community Rules


We, at Togetherhood are parents too; we get it. We will not let obstacles stand in our way. We will follow our hearts. We will find a way. We will go to the ends of the earth. We will shift the paradigm. We will align the stars. We will move mountains so that our children can be healthy and happy and thrive.


There is nothing behind the curtain except heart, empathy, truth, and honesty. No false promises, no hidden agendas, no ads. Your personal information will never be shared with other mailing lists. Please click here for a full description of our Privacy Policy and Terms.


If you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying something in person, it probably shouldn’t be said online. As fellow parents walking a parallel path, we maintain the assumption that every parent we encounter is doing their best, within their means, to care for their child and to make the right decisions. Together, we can strive to be that friend who listens without interrupting. Who accepts without judgement, blame, or shame. And who strives to offer and receive truth.


Be honest and constructive with reviews, even for your worst experiences. Strive to inform about your path, positive or negative, so that others may learn and navigate wisely. Study reviews with discernment and generosity. If you are a practitioner who has received a negative review, you have the opportunity to respond in your own defense as well as an obligation to provide the benefit of doubt.


You came here because you are looking for answers. As such, we encourage the members of our community to reach out to each other, open their hearts, share their stories — good and bad. Together we can make more informed decisions. And when you find yourself on stable ground, pay it forward by becoming a trusted advisor to others in the community. Consider it good karma.