Frequently Asked Questions

What is your definition of a “Quirky” kid?

We use the term “Quirky” to refer to a child who may seem like everyone else on the outside, but who struggles with neurological, behavioral or learning challenges on the inside. “Invisible” challenges such as Anxiety, Sensory Integration, Attention and certain Spectrum disorders.

What is the goal of Togetherhood?

Our short-term vision is to become the go-to destination for parents with Quirky kids. To facilitate a safe and judgement-free virtual village within which parents, educators and practitioners can find each other and share resources and experiences, to support and to learn from one another. Togetherhood is meant to reduce the time and expense spent on:
• researching a condition from a non-clinical point of view, benefitting from first-hand knowledge and stories from other families who are on a parallel path.
• finding the right practitioners and treatment pathways through helpful referrals and carefully curated content so that informed decisions can be made confidently.

Our long term goal is to ultimately be a global resource and to open up this model of scaffolding to all individuals who need support around any difficulty or illness. We hope to someday have a big picture on individual conditions, to identify potential patterns in symptoms and diagnoses, important knowledge that we can (anonymously) share with medical research organizations to improve our quality of life.

As an educator or extended family member, why should I join?

We believe in supporting quirky kids holistically. This means it is essential to scaffold them with support from not just immediate family, but also friends, teachers, caregivers and extended family. This is a highly-charged time for families who, themselves, aren’t sure what they need or how to be supported.
Togetherhood can fill that important gap by educating you around the issues being faced so that you can understand the diagnoses and be an informed ally to the family’s needs and challenges. We are also willing to bet that many friends and extended family members already have extensive knowledge about certain issues because they’ve encountered them first-hand and can offer unique insight to others who are new on this journey.

As a practitioner, what's the value of joining Togetherhood for me?

When you join the practitioner network at, you will not only be able to see and connect with your peers in our network but you will also become visible to a growing parent community searching for distinctive and focused niches of advice and treatment. A simple search of a symptom or diagnosis will lead them to you. Once on your profile page, they can learn a lot about you through your reviews, the articles you’ve saved or published, your background and treatment philosophy and most importantly, your contact information. They will have access to those who have reviewed you if they want to dig a little deeper. All of this, offering families a targeted way to access the information they need, quickly, efficiently, and vetted by other parents.

Can I register anonymously?

Yes, definitely. We want you to feel safe here. The only accurate information we need from you is your email address (it will not be displayed publicly) so that we can communicate with you and your zip code so that we can find you help in your area. To better understand how we use your personal information and for details on how to further protect your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.

My search results came up empty.

Our sincere apologies if this happens, and surely, it will. We are the new kid on the block, but we are outgoing and eager to meet our neighbors in our community. To that end, we are tirelessly adding new topics and members to our database. Start a new category by emailing, you’ll be sure to hear from us as soon as we have something that matches your criteria. Do you have a practitioner that you already like? Give them a review, which will also automatically set up a new category on our site.

I am concerned about the privacy of my child and my family.

Togetherhood is committed to protecting the privacy of your child and your family. Our primary purpose is to create a living, breathing interactive community of support around our children’s needs. We believe that our integrity is best preserved if retail and personal matters don’t mix, thus there will never be any advertising on our site. Any personal information gathered by Togetherhood is used internally to better tailor our services to the needs of individual users, such as finding local resources or suggesting things that fit within their set of values. If you share a post that will be seen in a public forum, take care to safeguard your child’s and your own identifiable information. For details on our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Is all the information on your site fact-checked and vetted by experts?

There are two levels of information presented on our site.
1) Knowledge shared between parents.
Experiences are unique to each individual and opinions, reviews and choices are subjective and personal. We do our best to help members find like-minded peers through ValueMatch and we encourage our community to be mindful of honesty, respect and to be constructive and non-judgemental in their reviews and posts. Nevertheless, use your judgement. A fellow parent’s advice is not meant to replace that of a licensed practitioner, but it does not preclude them from being exceedingly knowledgeable about the condition that their child struggles with.

2) Articles and other content on our site.
We do our best to present factually accurate information to our community. We curate content that we think will be most relevant to you based on your search queries as well as the personal information and preferences you share with us. Some articles are written by members and practitioners in the Togetherhood community, some are not. Know that every article has been read and approved by our team, which means that it aligns with our philosophy but by no means replaces the advice of a licensed professional.