Who We Are

Shahar Bar


Shahar Bar is the co-founder and brainchild behind Togetherhood.com. As a young father Shahar was confronted with the difficult realization that there was something amiss in his son’s development. Feelings of confusion and helplessness followed. Then a diagnosis of Sensory Integration Disorder. Unwilling to give up or accept the situation, Shahar together with his wife, pursued a range of therapies and treatments with repeated success. Throughout the process, they experienced first hand the difficulty of finding treatment options (both alternative and conventional), relevant practitioners and trustworthy reviews from like-minded parents in similar situations. This experience led Shahar to launch Togetherhood with the goal of helping parents with quirky kids by providing them a safe community to find their people, treatments and resources that fit their family's needs.

Shahar incubated Togetherhood.com while working in the California Bay Area's tech industry where he's worked for 15 years, focusing on corporate strategic, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances. He lives in Oakland, California, with his two boys. He loves outdoor activities, traveling and good food.

Valerie Ang-Chamorro


Valerie brings two complementary halves to her role at Togetherhood: a solid creative and branding background in advertising; and a mother in the salt mines of parenting two children who operate just slightly differently.

She has two sons diagnosed with Selective Mutism, a social anxiety disorder. Though seemingly like “regular” kids on the outside, they have taught her that navigating any physical or neurological difference can be a very delicate and precarious balancing act for a family. She joins Shahar in bringing Togetherhood.com to the many families with children who struggle with “invisible” conditions such as anxiety, sensory processing disorders and spectrum issues — diagnoses that defy traditional treatment yet tremendously challenge even the most simple motions of daily life.

Valerie lives in Oakland, California with her husband Michael and her three young children, Grifinn, Tosh and Lula.

Shirley Dvir-Bar


Shirley Bar-Dvir is a marriage and family therapist, with a private practice in Berkeley, California. She teaches somatic and holistic psychotherapy at JFK University and CIIS, and at the Hakomi Institute of California. In addition she is a passionate mom for her two boys. Her psychotherapy work and her parenting influence one another tremendously. At her core, she is a true seeker of health, healing and growth and believes that healing can happen in many different ways if we are willing to be open to the possibilities.

Rona Renner

Parenting Coach and Temperament Specialist

Rona Renner joins us as Chief Barometer on our Advisory Board. Rona has been a Registered Nurse since 1966 and was trained as a temperament counselor in 1991 at Kaiser Permanente. Since then she has worked individually and in groups with diverse groups of parents, all trying to better understand their children and themselves. She is the author of “Is That Me Yelling, A Parents Guide to Getting Your Kids to Cooperate Without Losing Your Cool. ” Rona is an advocate, helping people embrace individual differences and the gifts that they bring to the world. Some of her understanding comes from having grown up with undiagnosed learning disabilities, and raising four children. Nurse Rona was the host of the weekly talk show, Childhood Matters, and is currently one of the hosts of “About Health” on KPFA radio.


Extra Special thanks to all the good people who believed in us, and helped make Togetherhood possible.

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